“Our community has unrealized potential. I’m running for Barrie City Council to help create the kind of city we can all live in comfortably, safely and affordably.”

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  • Local small business owner

  • Raising children here in Barrie

  • Public and private sector experience

  • Family focused & community driven


We need reliable roads! They are critical infrastructure we depend on, and we can’t wait until it’s too late to keep them in good repair. Too late means compromised safety, damaged vehicles, and longer time spent in transit. Proactive planning, anticipating growth and wear is key. Making sure residents have a way to report issues in real time will make sure issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Treating your money like you do. You worked hard for your income, and that’s where our tax dollars come from; hard work. Smarter budgets means council uses your money wisely, looking for savings, cost breaks, and prioritizing spending, just like we do at home.

Working where we live! Entice large companies to operate out of Barrie so that people can work where they live. Creating careers in Barrie so we spend more time at home, not stuck in traffic.

Parks, neighbourhoods, homes, streets and downtown. 

  • Identify core issues and root causes
  • Develop workable action plans
  • Consider new and unique ideas
  • Work together as a council, and 
  • Implement strategies now not later

We can keep our streets safer, our parks cleaner and feel confident and secure in our home community.

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